15 Vital Skills You Improve When You Go Out

Today is officially the last Friday of January 2016! Yes, the month is almost over. Didn’t January fly by? It’s madness! When we live that exact time from NYE till now 11 more times, we reach 2017 already! Unfortunately life goes fast, and it seems to be more in a hurry when you’re at least 30 years on this planet. Sad but true. We can spend lots of time trying to understand why, but what I suggest you to do instead, is to reserve that time for trying to figure out how you want to spend your precious time in this life!

From NightOutExpert’s perspective, it  should not come as a surprise to you when I say go out go out go out! Doesn’t matter if you’re single, married or in any form of a relationship. There are many activities you can do in life, but somehow it all comes back to going out. When you travel, you want to go out. When you graduated, you want to go out and celebrate. When you meet an old friend, you go out. Like I mentioned in a previous blog, going out doesn’t mean leaving the house at 1 AM and drink and dance till 5 AM. With going out I mean going to a public place where you find ambience, other people and a place to drink. There  is a lot to learn in the nightlife. You see, it’s not only fun, it’s also educational!

So without further ado, here are 15 vital aspects of life you can improve when you go out.

When going out, you can:

  1. Improve your social skills by talking to people, both men and women
  2. Improve your flirting skills, learn how others talk, behave and act and copy what works
  3. Improve your open mindedness, you see different types of people and behaviors
  4. Improve your state of mind, you will look more at the bright side of life
  5. Improve your fashion orientation, see what people wear and use
  6. Improve your dancing skills, copy the moves you like and give it your unique touch
  7. Improve your beverage knowledge, try different drinks and not every week the same exact drink
  8. Improve your creativity, with alcohol there is somehow a solution for everything
  9. Improve your priorities, you will understand what really matters in life, it’s all about the simple things
  10. Improve your love, you share your appreciation for others (don’t overreact!)
  11. Improve your confidence, you portray the best of you and people flirting with you creates a boost
  12. Improve your friendship, connections become stronger and you get to know each other better
  13. Improve your love life, have fun together, away from home, predictability  and responsibilities
  14. Improve your relationships with colleagues, you get to know them better which creates a more cohesive workspace
  15. Improve your connections, you can meet new like minded people who may benefit you in life in some way, a new boyfriend or girlfriend perhaps or an important business contact

Each point will have its own blog so stay tuned for that!

The nightlife and going out is not only about getting drunk and forgetting about it the next morning. Go out and always try to maintain a certain level of sharpness. You may not know it, but there is a lot to learn during the nightlife when you analyse the people, behaviors, surroundings etc. But of course don’t be serious all the time, do have drinks while you educate yourself ?