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14 Beer Gardens You Must Visit in Dublin

Dublin is close to a perfect city when the sun feels free to bless us with its powerful rays. After a 3 day period of sun, the Irish often joke by saying the summer is over, but we underestimate our beautiful city way too much it seems!

The sun is shining often lately, which gives us an immediate reason to enjoy (a bit of) alcohol! That taste of a refreshing beer or cocktail while enjoying the sun with your mates, don’t these moments define the beauty of life?

With an amazing sun, beer gardens are the closest thing to heaven that we can find in Dublin. So here are 14 beer gardens that make you say in the future: that summer of 2018 was fantastic!

The Living Room

living room beer garden in dublin

When you match the words beer garden and Dublin, the Living Room appears in the minds of many. One of the biggest beer gardens can be found here. When the city is sunny and a important match is on, be prepared for madness. Huge crowds, amazing vibes and lots of alcohol awaits you.


dtwo beer garden dublin

You can find one of the most impressive beer gardens in Dtwo. The location is superb, close to the Harcourt LUAS stop. Needless to say that a sunny Dublin equates a packed Dtwo serving lots of beer. The venue is a popular spot for nights out as well, as their is enough room to cater to many night outers enjoying a variety of events.


house beer garden in dublin

House in Dublin is a sophisticated venue, and the same can be said for their lovely garden. The garden projects class, tranquility and trendiness. You definitely want to check this garden out, whether that is during the day or during the evening/night. House is recommended for any occasion really, whether you want to eat, drink or relax.


church beer garden in dublin

Another fancy spot is the Church close to O’Connell Street. The venue radiates impressiveness when witnessing its exterior presence. Enter the place and you will love it even more. Super sophisticated, a hell of a unique interior design, great food and of course an amazing beer garden. You won’t regret your visit to this former Church.


odeon beer garden dublin

Anyone travelling with the LUAS has seen the Odeon loads of times. You can’t miss this venue that was once a train station long time ago. Just looking from an outside perspective will persuade you to enjoy a drink or five there. With the presence of the sun, it is a no brainer that the beer garden is packed. Dublin folks know how to pick their spot.

Sophie’s Bar

sophies dean beer garden in dublin

Another venue in the Harcourt area is Sophie’s Bar. The mysterious bar all the way up at the roof top excels in their food, vibes and cocktails. Bringing your girlfriend or boyfriend? Even better, the place is great for couples and won’t let you go for a few hours. The view is stunning and again, the place is eye-catching.

Dicey’s Garden

diceys garden beer garden in dublin

No introduction needed. Doesn’t matter where tourists come from, they will have heard of Dicey’s Garden. Sometimes it seems that Dicey’s Garden is the reason why tourists are flocking this way! No marketing needed for this popular spot, the world knows where to find it, and how to enjoy that famous beer garden.


fitzsimons beer garden in dublin

This is the only beer garden in the list that is located in the Temple Bar area. You might not know about this fantastic beer garden when entering Fitzsimons, but once you find out, we do recommend you to aborb the sun from there! Great vibes and delicious drinks accompanied with a radiant sun, will make this place a guaranteed success.

Everleigh Garden

everleigh garden beer garden in dublin

Everleigh Garden is known as a popular nightclub at Harcourt street, but they do have a beer garden where lots of cocktails and spirits are being enjoyed. Everleigh Garden is known for its intimate and cozy vibe, which can be said for the beer garden as well. There is a reason why this spot is often used for events and get togethers.

The next 5 venues are not yet on our website!

The Marker Bar

marker bar beer garden dublin

The Marker bar can be found on the Grand Canal Square.  By day, their rooftop offers guests a space to relax, unwind and escape with yoga boxes available from front desk. By night, their rooftop changes into a sophisticated lounge area where you can enjoy an array of cocktails and sharing boards made with care and precision.


barge beer garden in dublin

Want to enjoy your drinks by the water? Then say no more, the Barge is your spot. The place is perfectly situated on the banks of the famous grand canal. It’s worth paying a visit because of the way Dublin folks enjoy their beers and sun here. There is a relaxed and harmonious vibe, that’s the effect of nature (the water) we guess.


toners beer garden in dublin

Toners is one of the best traditional pubs in Dublin with a large beer garden, a strong literary connection and one of the best pints of Guinness in Dublin. You find great different people and great craic in this famous spot that is located at Baggot Street. Like many others, this one is close to the city center so why not giving it a go?

The Long Stone

long stone beer garden dublin

Established in 1754, The Long Stone pub is located in the heart of Dublin city, just minutes from the popular Temple Bar area and Trinity College Dublin. The venue has a pool table, long benches, and is well-heated in case the sun fails to deliver. The Long Stone is super suitable for quiet casual drinks on a sunny day.

Bernard Shaw

bernard shaw beer garden in dublin

Once you enter the beer garden, you know you haven’t seen anything else like this in Dublin. Some people will have to get used to it, some will feel right at home. Whatever side you’re on,  you will enjoy yourself. There is a pool table, long benches, a wall covered with graffiti, cozy setting, all the ingredients to enjoy your casual drinks in peace.

In which venue do you enjoy a nice cold beverage and the buzz while the beautiful sun shines in full glory?

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