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20 Inevitable Situations During a Pre-Drink Session

Pre-Drinks is Part of the Nightlife

Pre-drinking, everyone does it! Maybe only one drink, maybe several shots! Everyone has their experiences of creating that buzz and looking forward to the nightlife while the night is still young! Drinking before going out became even more popular when the economy entered a recession a few years ago. In order to economize, people started to drink more inside with the plan of going out afterwards. This doesn’t always happen, but the intentions are often there. Having pre-drink sessions is something me and Gustavo love to do from time to time. Besides chilling out in your own place, it is you who decides the rules when it comes to the people, music and vibe of your pre-drink party. There are a few advantages when it comes to drinking at home. For example:

  • No disturbance from unknown people
  • You decide the music volume
  • You choose your own tunes
  • Easy to talk and connect with others
  • You set the atmosphere, whether that will be romantic or casual
  • No waiting at the bar for your next drink
  • Chill out mode all the way
  • You prepare for the nightlife by creating the right zone for yourself

Sometimes pre-drink sessions turn into house parties. When many people visit a residence to eat, drink and to have lots of fun, a session turns into a house party which often ends at home. Joining the nightlife won’t be necessary at times. Especially when drinking games are introduced, then forget it! But that’s for another blog.



20 Pre-Drink Traditions You Just Can’t Ignore

There are always a few traditions that take place during a pre-drink session/house party with many people. Traditions which are simply inevitable. You probably witnessed the following happenings yourself:

  1. People who don’t know each other at first become best friends instantly
  2. Talking volume increases from normal to stadium loud, ruining your neighbors night’s rest if they weren’t invited in the first place
  3. After a few hours the Drinking Game rules are mostly ignored with the main focus on drinking the next shot as soon as possible
  4. Someone’s DJ aspirations arise with the need to change the music constantly
  5. Music is turned louder and (awkward) dance moves are shown
  6. Bottles of alcohol suddenly finish quicker
  7. People gather in the kitchen for no reason, realizing after an hour that the music is in the cozy living room not far away
  8. People don’t only drink their drinks, they just take any bottle that hasn’t been emptied yet
  9. Shots shots shots! You promised yourself no more shots, but that promise can be easily postponed for another week..
  10. Someone is feeling bad and has to run to the bathroom to do a number 4
  11. Someone “has to lie down for a minute” and only wakes up the next morning
  12. A couple feels the need to show affection for one another in a private spot
  13. Discussions arise which don’t make any sense without any form of alcohol consumption
  14. People start to search for communication with the outside world through their Smartphone, finding out where the party at
  15. Someone starts to panic saying that “ if we don’t leave now we won’t get in!!”
  16. People make a mess and knock over glasses which doesn’t bother the host, until the sun shines the next morning
  17. “one last shot” before we leave!
  18. The host screams the taxi is waiting outside but no one listens or cares
  19. The endless discussion of who calls the taxi, who enters the taxi together, where the taxi should go, and who pays the taxi driver
  20. People fill a plastic bottle with soda and alcohol, you know, in case you are sobering up way too fast during the 15 minutes taxi drive!

Yes, house parties are amazing, at the end all the mess is all worth it! I cleaned my house so many times (yes my house was highly appreciated for pre-drink sessions!), but every time I say to myself I would organise such a session again in a heartbeat. It’s not only because we drunk and acted crazy. It’s that we had unique fun, there were no barriers when it comes to our energy and we all shared memorable moments together. I love house parties, sometimes they are so good that you don’t need to go out. When you do decide to go out and the nightlife somehow disappoints, then there is always the after party. ?

What are your experiences with pre-drink sessions? Do you drink more during a pre-drink session or more in a bar or nightclub?