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The Liquor Rooms – Shred Your Ex VOL III


With Valentines Day just around the cornor, we are bringing back once again our hugely successful Anti-Valentines event! In 2017 we brought you the first ever SHRED YOUR EX! The night proved so popular that we’re bringing it back once again. – and if you hate Valentine’s Day with an unbridled passion, this is the night for you.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship, Love to love or hate it at the moment, this night leads for undeniable craic to be had.

So, what’s it all about, we hear you ask? Come down to The Liquor Rooms on Friday, 15th February and bring a photo of your ex- guy or girl and do with it what you like! Shred it, use it as a coaster, draw a little moustache on it – the choice is yours. Win a free drink or a treat by sharing your heinous break up stories with our empathetic bar staff who are there to lend an ear and mix you up some delicious cocktails while you regale them with your tales of woe.

Our Dumpster Swap Shop will be making an appearance again this year! This is where you can get rid of those once precious but now unwanted pressies from your ex. That sad teddy gripping a love heart with LUV YA 4 EVA? That poxy love heart photo-frame? That dodgy locket? Bring ‘em all in. Swap them for someone else’s unwanted gift – or just get rid of it! We’ll make sure anything left behind is given a new home or given to a local charity afterwards.

Tunes? Sorted! Our DJ will be spinning upbeat, heartbreak tunes to dance your heart out with wild abandon. PLUS, we’ll have some live comedy for you to lol your blues away. We will also have live music music to sing you’re heart out along too!

All this and some decadent cocktails? What’s love got to do with it? It’s a second-hand emotion, after all.
Admission is free as always!

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