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10 Best Dublin Sports Bars to Watch World Cup 2018

Sports fans don’t need to complain when it comes to watching sports events in Dublin. There are so many sports bars, meaning there is always enough room for you to join the atmosphere. Now that the 2018 FIFA World Cup kicked off (without Ireland and the Netherlands unfortunately), many more venues made sure you won’t be missing any matches while enjoying their establishment. Yes, the 2018 World Cup virus is spreading and you better embrace it! After all, isn’t it an amazing experience cheering with the crowd in Dublin? Even if you hate football, just enjoy the unique vibe full of celebrations, drinking and emotions. So now that you know you should watch at least a couple of matches in a bar, let’s see in which 10 sports bars in Dublin city centre you can have an amazing 2018 World Cup experience:

River Bar



River Bar is easy to spot. Even if you have been to Dublin for 1 day, you probably saw that huge Heineken building close to O’Connell Street. When you look below instead of up to that attractive Heineken logo, you automatically see River Bar. It is a popular sports bar in Dublin that is known for organizing Latin parties in the weekend. The look and feel is more modern than a traditional Irish bar, but the atmosphere is awesome nonetheless. In the weekend you can enjoy the nightclub underneath River bar where they play mainly hip hop and Latin beats.

Murrays Bar

murrays bar dublin nightlife

You can’t’ miss Murray’s bar when walking on O’Connell Street.  It is almost at the end where the logo only entices you to get in. The vibe feels cozy even when considering Murray’s doesn’t consist of only one floor. You can sit outside and they even opened a New York style bar recently in the basement, do check it out. This venue will for sure be packed during World Cup 2018, so for a great atmosphere, food and live music, Murray’s bar will be an excellent choice. (soon on!)

Dicey’s Garden

diceys garden beer garden in dublin

No introduction needed. Doesn’t matter where tourists come from, they will have heard of Dicey’s Garden. Sometimes it seems that Dicey’s Garden is the reason why tourists are flocking this way! No marketing needed for this popular spot, the world knows where to find it, and how to enjoy that famous beer garden. When Brazil is playing, embrace yourself for some proper madness!

Harry’s on the Green

harrys on the green dublin nightlife

Imagine yourself mixing a classy venue with a sports bar. The result is Harry’s on the Green. At a first glance it project a typical sports bar vibe, but when you continue walking in the venue, you will notice a separate cocktail bar and a classy feel and look! Fancy a cocktail while watching World Cup 2018 matches? Then Harry’s is definitely the sports bar for you! You can find the venue while passing Sinnotts bar (see below), a few minutes from St. Stephen’s Green Luas station.

Trinity Bar

trinity bar in dublin nightlife

Trinity bar is a prominent venue on Dame Street. It draws immediate attention with those huge flags which makes it hard to pass by without paying a visit. Trinity is known for several nightlife aspects including food, live music and a traditional Irish atmosphere. It’s central location in the city makes the venue even more attractive to be enjoyed. It’s reported that Trinity has the biggest ultra HD screen in the city aside many other smaller screens.

Sinnotts Bar

sinnotts bar in dublin nightlife

Sinnotts is the closest sports bar you encounter when you get out of the Luas at St Stephen’s Green station.  You will already see screens outside the pub which makes it possible for people passing by to check the score of many 2018 World Cup matches to come. When you make the wise choice of entering the establishment and you go down, a huge bar will welcome you together with a massive projector screen. The atmosphere is great, and you will understand why they call themselves “probably the best World Cup 2018 venue”.

The Living Room

living-room in dublin nightlife

The cousin of Murray’s Bar is the Living Room. Unlike its cousin, Living Room is very spacious with a more of a modern look. There is enough room for cheering and dancing, no wonder the place turns into a nightclub in the weekend. The amount of screens is uncountable but what it makes it even more attractive is the outside terrace. Living Room has their own outside area where you can play games, drink, smoke and watch matches. It’s that beer garden though that connects Living Room with Murray’s bar, that will appeal many football fans. There is a huge screen where the 2018 World Cup matches can be enjoyed in full glory.

Bleeding Horse

bleeding-horse in dublin nightlife

The Bleeding horse on Camden street is always packed it seems. Is it not inside the bar, then it’s in their cozy beer garden. This respectable Dublin sports bar exists since the 50s and is one of the oldest sports bars in this list. Bleeding horse’s reputation and history makes this a proper traditional Irish pub where all the World Cup 2018 matches can be watched in a proper Irish environment and culture.

Woolshed Baa

woolshed baa in dublin nightlife

This huge sports bar with an Australian look will definitely attract the more southern people from Europe and the world. Woolshed Baa is known for its Latin parties which makes it famous amongst Latin fans. This venue has it all, cheap drinks, pitches of beers, food deals and of course many screens to assist the 2018 World Cup matches. The Woolshed Baa is on Parnell street, not far away from the other sports bars at O’Connell street. The sports bar is known for other type of events like karaoke and  pub quizzes.


Dtwo in dublin nightlife

One of the best venues to watch World Cup 2018 matches at Harcourt street must be Dtwo. It is next to venue Black Door and on the opposite site of the venues Dicey’s, Everleigh Garden and Copper Face Jacks. Dtwo is a big place with a separate dance floor and all. But what really makes this venue remarkable for watching matches is that lovely beer garden! They have one of the best beer gardens in Dublin together with Living Room and Murray’s bar. It’s the perfect spot to get together and have a craic with all the other football fans, some pints and food.

In which favourite venue in Dublin city centre will you enjoy the 2018 World Cup?

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